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Internet Mood Report uses advanced web2.0 algorithms, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, funky chart technology and other scientificish stuff to ascertain and present the current mood on the web.

We are using data pulled primarily from the BoardTracker API which covers tens of thousands of forums and eleventy billion posts and also Twitter. Other data sources can and will be added in the near future.

Using IMR you can browse sites currently scanned which contain 'moody posts', you can also search for sites and users of those sites and view their mood profiles. You can also see on the index page an overview of the current mood on the web. This shows top 10 moody users and sites along with charts for each mood linked to the latest posts for those moods such as happy posts and sad posts so you can join in the conversations depending on your mood requirements of the moment.

Coming soon - cool (but probably fairly useless) mood widgets for your site!


This site makes no guarantee of accuracy and is not meant to be taken too seriously so don't be upset, offended or get all moody and if you do then remember not to make moody posts about it otherwise they'll end up here! Of course feel free to make lots of happy posts to tell everyone how wonderul IMR is!

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